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Petitioning Sacramento Sheriff' Scott Jones and 12 others

Sacramento Sheriff's Lt. Matt Morgan, Internal Affairs; Obstructs Hate Crime Investigation

 WE count on the Sheriff's to Protect & Serve, but the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. through their Internal Affairs Chief, Lt. Matt Morgan, have used public resources to conceal a felony hate crime and retalitory criminal threats investigation designed to beat a citizen down.

Sacramento is the 5th worse place to live in the United States; and the Sacramento Sheriff's public corruption is a contributing factor.

 No Watch Dogs overseeing the State's Capital Sheriff's Dept.


How many sheriff's officers does it take in Sacramento to conceal police misconduct?

1) Sgt Matt Reail; Criminal Threats Investigator

2) Lt. Matt Morgan; Professional Standards Division aka Internal Affairs

3) St Mitcht Andrews: Professional Standards Division

4) Sgt Ebe: Juvenile Court House Security

5) Lee Dean, Deputy Chief (ret)

...and counting.

Support this petition and tell the Sacramento Sheriff's and County Supervisors that IG Lee Dean, is incompetent and the "dark corners" at the sheriff's dept are darker than ever. 

 We don't want a corrupt sheriff's dept. Sacramento County needs an Independent Police Auditor, like Santa Clara.

Sheriff Scott Jones, was last seen at an all-you-can-eat donut shop with former Sheriff John McGinness; our Pillsbury Dough Boys, gone bad. .

County Supervisor Chair, Roberta MacGlashen, 2010-2011, played a key role in the subversion of the facts by ignoring a GC 27641, accusation against county council, Robert Ryan, Jr., for giving unsound legal advice to the superior court's juvenile commission who didn't know the Brown Act.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Sacramento Sheriff'
    Scott Jones
  • Sacramento County Supervisor
    Roberta MacGlashen
  • Sacramento County Inspector General
    Lee Dean
  • Executive Director; Little Hoover Commission
    Stuart Drown
  • Sacramento Superior Court: Statutory Commission
    Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission
  • Sacramento Sheriff's Juvenile Court Security
    Sgt Ebe
  • Sacramento Sheriff's Advisory Committee
    Sonny Chong
  • Sacramento Sheriff's Advisory Committee
    Omar Kitanoff
  • Sacramento District Attorney
    Jan Scully
  • JKLP
    Report Public Corruption
  • Sacramento Sheriff's Prof Standards Division
    Lt. Matt Morgan
  • Sacramento Sheriff's Dept
    Deputy Ramos
  • Sacramento County Council
    Robert Ryan, Jr.

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