Sack Salim Mehajer, Sack Auburn Council & Ban Developers/Real Estate Agents from Councils

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Sack Salim Mehajer, Sack Auburn Council & Ban Developers/Real Estate Agents from Councils

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Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has treated the community, law & council with great disrespect and his illegal activities sets a poor example for the community.

The Auburn LGA community & residents call on the NSW Government & Paul Toole (Local Government Minister) to permanently sack Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer from local government. Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has destroyed the credibility of Auburn Council to operate as a transparent and honest agency.

Examples of his criminal activity, abuse of power and arrogance:

Deputy mayor distributes fake flyer to residents, shuts down Sydney street for unauthorised over the top ceremony in western Sydney leaving locals and police fuming.

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer fined twice for not revealing election funding

Auburn deputy mayor’s dark past and police rap sheet: maliciously damaging property, speeding, burnouts, using a mobile whilst driving, disobeying a stop sign, running a red or yellow light, illegal U-turn, drove “not being left of the dividing line”, did not comply with a P plate, refusing to produce a licence, director/secretary not make out statement of company’s affairs, officer not deliver books to liquidator ...

Salim Mehajer guilty of driving without a licence

Please add your voice to call for the dismissal of Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer by phoning Auburn Council on 02 9735 1222, email: & writing to/visiting: 1 Susan Street, Auburn, New South Wales 2144

Please write to the NSW Local Government Minister to urge him to work with Auburn Council to sack Salim Mehajer:

The Hon. Paul Toole, MP
52 Martin Place
Phone: (02) 8574 7000 Fax: (02) 9339 5552

GPO Box 5341

Auburn City Council Public Inquiry

Office of the Commissioner
Telephone: 02 4428 4166
Facsimile: 02 4428 4199
Postal Address: Locked Bag 3004, NOWRA NSW 2541

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We are not affiliated with any organisation or individual. The reasons to sack Salim Mehajer are outlined above and have nothing to do with his ethnic background or religion. We condemn Salim Mehajer and his supporters for playing the 'race card' by claiming that calls for his sacking are ethnically/racially or religiously motivated. We also call on supporters of this petition to not to 'race to the bottom' against Salim Mehajer's supporters by replicating such poor behaviour.

We also support Luke Foley's calls for reforms to Local Government in NSW:

  • Section 451 of the Local Government Act to be scrapped. (Section 451 allows Councillors to vote on planning decisions from which they could benefit financially).
  • Ban property developers and real estate agents from being Councillors
  • Capping political donations and campaign spending in council elections
  • Ending the 'horse-trading' for the mayoral position with a popularly elected mayor for the full 4 year term

Auburn City Council, The Hon Paul Toole MP (Local Government Minister): Time to #SackSalimMehajer

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This petition had 12,472 supporters

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