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Save the Pangolins in Sabah, Malaysia!

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Pangolins are without question, the most unique animal in the wildlife kingdom as they are the only mammal with scales. These scales, which are made of keratin are similar to human nails and form the pangolins defence against attack. When threatened, the pangolin simply rolls up into a ball and its tough scales have been known to even deter lions from killing it. This defense however is no match to humans who are killing pangolins in the millions to feed the demand for its scales in Asia.

Pangolins remain of the most heavily trafficked wild animals in the illegal trade of protected animals. Recent news reports from Africa and Southeast Asia show that millions of them continue to lose their lives to the trade.

Malaysia is home to the Sunda pangolin. The population levels are dropping as poaching continues to threaten the survival of pangolins. The east Malaysian state of Sabah remains a well conserved region that has rigorous conservation policies and its own wildlife department. Unfortunately, the pangolins in Sabah remain exposed to the wildlife trade as pangolins are not Totally Protected by law. The current protection enacted by the Wildlife Conservation Enactment(1997) leaves too many loopholes for poachers to take advantage of.

We, the undersigned, do respectfully request the Director of The Sabah Wildlife Department to  push for the upgrading of their legal protection to Schedule 1 and Total Protection!

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