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Petitioning SA Pork Producers Association Simon Streicher and 8 others

SA Pork Industry, National Department of Agriculture, Retailers: Stop the use of sow crates which perpetuate cruelty

We would never treat our pets this way, and we shouldn’t let farm animals suffer like this either


(Please also sign the personal pledge to be a more responsible consumer.)

They are commonly raised as livestock by farmers for meat in intensive systems where they are denied freedom of movement, deprived of natural behaviour to interact with others of their kind and have no opportunities to forage and root.

A pregnant sow will be kept in a sow crate for the greater part of her gestation period – 107 days. A sow crate is a metal crate usually with a bare floor, which is so narrow that the sow cannot turn around and can only stand up and lie down with difficulty.

We know and accept that these animals are being raised for food. As an animal welfare organisation the National Council of SPCAs believes that animals should be treated humanely while they are on the farm, while they are transported and when they are slaughtered.

Compassionate choices are a critical step toward improving the welfare of pigs in South Africa.

Together, we have the power to make enormous changes in the lives of pigs by asking the pork industry to get rid of sow crates for good. We will be sending a powerful message that we expect that only humanely raised pork products are sold in South Africa.

Please become a Warrior for Animals and sign the petition - our message is simple : PIGS DON’T DESERVE TO SUFFER.

Thank you for being a Warrior for Animals.

PS: Please also sign the campaign to BAN THE USE OF WILD ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES 

Letter to
SA Pork Producers Association Simon Streicher
Pick n Pay Mrs Suzanne Ackerman Berman
Shoprite Lize-marick Keyser
and 6 others
Spar Consumer Care Line
Head of Food, Woolworths Zyda Rylands
Head of the Good Business Journey, Woolworths Tom McLaughlin
Fresh Meat and Butcheries, Massmart Peter Gordon
Communications Division, Shoprite/Checkers Head Office Jennifer van der Westhuizen
National Department of Agriculture Dr Songabe
As a consumer I would like to raise my strong objection to the abhorrent practice of keeping sows in crates. And as a taxpayer I insist that the Department of Agriculture step in and bring about positive changes in the farming methods used to raise animals for food purposes.

As a consumer it is my view that retail outlets have a responsibility to ensure that consumers are well informed though proper labelling and that welfare friendly pork is made available to consumers.

It is therefore my petition to Government, South African Pork Producers’ Organisation, farmers and outlets that sow crates be banned with immediate effect and that only pork farmed in systems which provide pigs with access to all 5 of their freedoms as internationally recognised by the World Animal Health Organization is made available to South African consumers.

Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury or disease
Freedom to express normal behaviour
Freedom from fear and distress

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