SA Health introduce LEILA'S LIFELINE as an escalation of care process for your consumers

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Our 9 year old daughter, Leila Baartse-Harkin, died 1st October 2015, 42 hours after a playground accident due to a perforated bowel and peritonitis which was undetected by 2 SA hospitals and a GP.  On the day before and the morning of Leila's death my husband and I felt helpless, did not know where to get help and the health professionals we took Leila too misdiagnosed, dismissed our concerns  and 're-asssured' us that Leila was fine.  We felt like no-one cared and no-one was listening. We were given no information on what to do if she got worse, any possible diagnosis and were given no information on our rights or a discharge summary or plan.

We urge the Honourable Peter Malinauskas, Chief Executive Vickie Kaminski to ensure that lives are protected whilst SA Health continues to have major systemic issues by introducing 'Leila's Lifeline' within South Australia, based on 'Ryan's Rule' developed and adopted by Queensland Health in December 2013.  Ryan's Rule was named after Ryan Saunders who died aged 2 after being sent home from Emerald Hospital with an incorrect diagnosis of mumps. A Coronial investigation found his death was preventable, as did the findings of the inquest into Leila's death.  Indeed, Deputy Coroner Anthony Schapel, who conducted Leila's inquest, stated in his findings "I indicate that the Court specifically endorses this suggested recommendation and further recommends that the initiative and dedicated service be publicly described as LEILA’S LIFELINE."

The introduction of 'Leila's Lifeline' would provide an escalation of care process for SA Health consumers who believe their loved one has been misdiagnosed or their concerns are not being heard by a hospital. Leila's Lifeline would give concerned consumers somewhere to turn to when their concerns are dismissed or they feel helpless and unheard. Currently QLD, NSW and the ACT have adopted this type of escalation process.  Unfortunately, SA Health has not.  Please sign this petition to assist in preventing further needless deaths by bringing Leila's Lifeline to South Australia and give a voice to carers. We believe it will save lives

Thank you, Edie Harkin

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