Reduce Financial Burden on Parents - slash 50% school fees - WIN WIN for both

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Dear All,

Most of the schools in Karnataka have decided to collect full fees for Academic Year 2020-21 and they will provide online classes which have been banned by the Government of Karnataka off late. We believe that limited exposure to kids for onscreen timings still okay as teachers are taking a lot of efforts to give our kids a beautiful environment of knowledge through virtual media. Our kids eagerly wait to attend the class and they are enjoying these sessions with the teachers.

As per the current situation of Covid-19 in Karnataka there are no guidelines yet on re-opening of the schools in the current (2020-2021) academic year. The schools are collecting the entire tuition fees including overheads fees as well (eg: teaching materials, annual day fees, development charges etc) which cannot be justified with just few online videos and works sheets per day with school being fully non-functional.

It is also difficult times for the parents as well, as some of them are having to arrange the fees with job losses and pay cuts and Government has already mentioned that schools cannot force all the parents to pay full fees. The schools can always charge their fees when it is fully functional and we as parents will do so without fail. We are fine to pay 50% tuition fee provided they carry on online classes to have a WIN-WIN situation for both parents and school authorities.

Request everyone to please sign this online petition and support this cause on how they should take forward the online classes along with the reasonable fees structure.

*We are not against paying fees* but we request the *Government, Karnataka Education Minister, School Management, School Trustee* to understand the plight of parents also who are under a lot of financial pressure and hence reduce the fees to 50% and support everyone at this pandemic situation.


Concerned Parents