Bus stop in the Edge Homes "Canyon Hills" Development

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On August 11th 2015 members of our community, "Canyon Hills" the Edge homes development were told that the closest bus stop would be on the corner of Traverse Terrace and Mountain Vista. The only way to safely access this stop for our children is for parents to drive 1.5 miles (the stop can only be accessed by driving down to Timpanogos highway then up morning vista road). 

Many members in our community have contacted Joe Hayes concerning the location of this bus stop. In turn we all get the same response stating "As we identify potential bus stops we look at a variety of different factors We will continue to evaluate your new neighborhood but as of now we do have concerns with road grades, continued construction in that area and snow removal in the winter months. I do understand frustration and our department will continue to monitor the area." I believe that our children's safety should come first and a stop in that location is not safe for our children. They have no way to walk to and from safely there are not any roads or sidewalks that connect the 2 areas. The stop in question is on a road with out a place to stop and traverse terrace is closed due to road construction.

Having a bus stop up the main road off of Timpanogos highway would make dramatic difference for the children in our area. There are sidewalks that lead down to that road from our development. The majority of kids that qualify for the bus are in our neighborhood and without those numbers a bus would not be needed.

I feel that the location with the majority of children riding the bus are the ones should be served first then add a stop at the current location for those children in the apartments and Perry homes area, if needed.

As a working Mom it is very stressful to make sure my children can get to and from school safely. With this bus stop I am forced to transport my children 3 times per day to/from school as I have a Kindergarten age child. I understand when attending charter schools or going to a school outside my assigned area I would have to drive no matter what. Yet I and many other parents do not fall into this category this is how our children are being treated.

I don't feel that this is fair to any parents in our development. We are forced to drive our children to a bus stop 1.5 miles from our homes which then takes our children an addition 1.5 miles to school. This does not make financial sense as many of us will be submitting reimbursement for driving our children to/from school. Please help us get us a bus stop in our development our children deserve a safe bus stop that they can easily access. 

UPDATE 8/19/2015:

This morning the director of transportation, Joe Hayes, was asked why a bus for a special needs child could come up the hills into our development yet a bus for the other children cannot his response, "We should not have any buses up there, thank you for letting us know so we can address that with the driver in question." This child needs the bus more than any of our other children for him to say this is downright dirty!

Help us get a safe bus stop and continue a stop for this wonderful family!

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