STOP FATALITIES WITH ROAD SAFETY ON HIGHWAY 154 (Santa Ynez Valley / Santa Barbara County)

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After another fatal car crash we want change!   On October 25, 2019 while driving on California Rural Highway 154, Rebecca Vanessa Goss Bley (Vanessa Bley), a talented singer and songwriter, was fatally struck along with her two young children  by an oncoming driver when his car crossed the center line hitting her vehicle head on.

By signing this petition, we demand that our elected representatives allocate resources and initiate changes to highway 154 in order to prevent these senseless deaths.

These changes may include but are not limited to:

-Installation of a Type 60 Concrete or Cable Barrier

-Additional signage reminding motorists to drive safely

-Traffic lights to slow down traffic

-Rumble Strips


-An Increase in police presence to deter speeding and dangerous driving

Whatever is needed, whatever it takes to save lives should be a top priority of our community.  If we can slow down motorists and prevent them from crossing into oncoming traffic we can stop these preventable deaths. We can save lives! These fatal accidents happen every single year on highway 154 and are steadily increasing.  Let’s make this stop. Let’s make a change!

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley is calling this public safety concern a crisis and encourages us all to get involved to find solutions as a matter of life and death.  We couldn't agree more!

In memory of Vanessa Bley and her children, please sign and share this petition and write to our local officials to prevent more senseless deaths in our community.

Every signature counts!

Thank you!!!


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A song by the Mother (Vanessa):