Hunger Strike at Santa Clara County Main Jail began April 15, 2018 has now been suspended

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On April 15th, 2018 inmates at Santa Clara County Main Jail will once again  start a hunger strike in protest of solitary confinement, grievance system negligence, meaningless classification reviews, among other injustices not remedied by the administration.

Here are just a few comments from the prior strike last year that the San Jose Insider published;

 As a result, Hirokawa adds, the Sheriff’s Office has seen three avoidable inmate deaths, an escape and other mistakes.

“Laurie Smith tries to blame everyone else for these problems, including me, but the public is not buying what she is selling,” he says.

Sheriff Smith refutes Hirokawa’s claims.

“Hirokawa is wrong,” she says. “We are fixing his problems and he knows it. Further, we do not allow gangs to run the jails—and some of them could stand to lose a little weight. We will give their fresh food to the Salvation Army again. There are hungry people who committed no crimes and deserve a dinner.”

Please sign the petition so that we can help our loved one's receive the proper treatment. They shouldn't need to starve themselves and have their food that was purchased by their  friends or family to be thrown away as it was never given to the salvation army.  Let's help make a difference to get their demands met and put an end to these hunger strikes!


Call/email these numbers with messages of concern during Hunger Strike to show your support. Thank you!

Sheriff Administration:
(408) 808-4900

Board of Supervisors:
(408) 299-5001

Call the Main Jail Medical (408) 808-5200 & Elmwood Medical (408) 957-5360 to ask that they check on the condition of the hunger strikers receive medical care.