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Bring back "Popee the Performer" for another show!

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Popee The Performer is a series of shorts produced for Kids Station, one of the all-anime satellite stations in Japan. Broadcast starting in the fall of 2001, a series of five-minute episodes were shown at random times in the schedule, and since 2014, it has started to gain a lot of popularity as a meme of some sort. Despite the show being for children, every episode involves at least one of the characters dying in some sort of bloody way. Yes, this piece of children's animation has characters bleeding, dying, and killing each other, think of it as the original Happy Tree Friends. Some notable deaths include: Burning alive, exploding, getting ran over, getting shot, getting chained to a wall and having a knife thrown at you for practice, swallowing a really long sword and impaling yourself, getting poisoned, getting swallowed alive (a lot), cutting yourself in half with a chain saw, etc. The characters don't talk, only making noises, (mostly screaming and pain) and their movements are super uncanny, it reminds me of old stop motions films like Wallace and Grommet, or The Nightmare Before Christmas, except it's not stop motion, it's CGI, and I think the jerky and stiff movements are part of the shows charm.

 The show takes place in a circus set in the middle of nowhere. (I'm not even exaggerating, the show takes place in the middle of a desert.) It stars Popee, a human dressed like a pink bunny, he's presumably the main character of the show, but he might as well be the main antagonist. He's a jack of all trades, he can juggle, swallow swords, and all the classic circus tricks. However, Popee is an huge jerk to the other characters, he gets extremely jealous whenever someone is better than him, and he wants to be the star of the circus. He is usually responsible for killing the other characters, hence why I said he could be considered the antagonist.

The most innocent, fan favorite, and killed the most character is Popee's "best friend" Kedamono, a blue wolf like character. Kedamono tires to fit in with everyone else, so he always wears a white mask that represents his emotions, whenever he uses a different facial expression, the mask falls off, revealing another mask underneath, with a different expression.

The final character, (Yes, there are only three real characters, all the others are just circus animals.) is Papi, the leader of the circus. Popee, wanting to be the head of the circus, hates Papi, and just like how Popee tortures Kedamono, Papi does the same to Popee. Papi is defiantly the strangest of the trio, he always just has this...eerie atmosphere to him when he's on screen.

Popee the Performer had around 33 shorts made before it was cancelled, and I personally think this show was ahead of it's time. Because nowadays we have shows like Rick and Morty, and if they brought back Popee the Performer in this day and age, (idk what channel it would be on, Adult Swim?) it would be very successful, mainly because it's gained such a cult following. 

If there's enough fan demand for something, it's gonna happen. Samurai Jack came back on Adult Swim. Nickelodeon is making an Invader Zim TV movie, and they're finally making the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie. Hell, look at video games, when the third playable character was teased for Sonic Forces, people thought it was Bubsy the Bobcat, because it sure as hell looked a lot like him, and yeah it was a joke, but because of it's popularity, we're actually getting a new Bubsy game.

Just look at Kickstarter, do you know how many great games have come out of Kickstarter? 

Shovel Knight was funded on Kickstarter!

Yooka Laylee was funded on Kickstarter!

Shaq Fu, an SNES fighting game starring Shaquille O'Neal that was really fucking bad, is getting a sequel, THIS YEAR, because of Kickstarter!

Even Undertale, yes, Undertale, one of the most popular games of recent memory, was funded on Kickstarter!

If that's not enough proof that a reboot of Popee the Performer is 100% possible, then I don't know what is!

Now, if this show did get rebooted, I'd say they could take it in any direction. They could keep the puppet like animations, or polish them up. They could give the characters voices, or keep them silent. They could even evolve the setting of the show to a full circus, or a small town, or whatever. Hell, they could even add more characters if they wanted to, because there's SO MUCHthat could be done with the original concept.

So if you agree with my statement, that Popee the Performer should get a reboot in today modern age, sign this petition, and spread the word on twitter!


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