Mandatory Anti-Racism Course for Ryerson University Students to graduate

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On June 2nd President of Ryerson University sent out an email addressing the recent events of race-based hatred and violence against members of racialized communities. The email included:

As a university, our response must be to re-dedicate ourselves to calling out injustices and to stay the course in building a campus culture that is respectful and focused on ensuring human rights and dignity for all.

We can be a model for the kind of society our city and country aspire to be, by coming together and reconfirming our values – in thought and action – and by condemning racism, bigotry and hatred, in all of its forms and wherever it takes place.

They also stated "with a diverse population of students, faculty and staff, and a commitment to being intentionally inclusive the current situation touches us all. Our physical distance from each other does not diminish the effects."

I believe that something as simple as implementing a mandatory course on anti-racism at Ryerson University that must be completed to graduate can help Ryerson demonstrate this commitment to being intentionally inclusive. 

With the petition, I will be writing a letter to the president of Ryerson Mohamed Lachemi to request this mandatory anti-racism course. Requiring students to take this course can provide an opportunity for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, etc. to better understand, and advocate against racism. This is a chance to help change the way certain people think and empower them to challenge injustices. A chance to no longer allow anyone to stay silent.

Please take the time to consider signing this petition and be a part of the change.

Thank you.

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