Approving A Ryerson Black Student Action Plan

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I am writing in response to Ryerson University’s statement of standing in solidarity with the black community. This statement was released as a result of the protests and conversations taking place over the last eight days. Also I have seen the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) forward information regarding a weekly Zoom meeting for black students to talk about racism, police brutality, etc. I do not believe this is enough. There is a problem in the world. The only way toward abolition of the issue is to attack it in small places, working up towards bigger and better things together. I believe that if something is done to change the classroom dynamic, (i.e. racial representation and equity), black students will be able to achieve more during their time at Ryerson.

I am requesting that FCAD, as well as the School of Performance, go one step further than a message of solidarity. I ask you to take some time to think about, create and release a publicly accessible plan of action surrounding some of the following issues. A plan of action which talks about black representation, and lack thereof within our community of staff and students. A plan of action to educate white and non black staff/ students about the affects of racism, prejudice, and mistreatment of black staff/ students. A plan of action which outlines how students and staff members of colour will be helped in overcoming unique challenges faced on a daily basis. A plan of action which states how the faculty will act on racially based problems within the classroom/ lab setting. Finally, a plan of action stating how we plan do diversify, not only students but also staff and faculty members.

I believe such an action plan will allow young black people to see the Faculty of Communication and Design as well as School of Performance as places they are welcome. Places that are inclusive and unbiased on issues of race. Safe and encouraging places of growth, learning and new ideas. Places to be used as an escape from the injustices and prejudices faced by people of colour on a daily basis.