I want to be a part of the Clue movie remake with Ryan Reynolds

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A long, long time ago in 1985, a young girl (me) in Montreal, watched Clue for the very first time. She was already a fan of the board game, and the movie was the best thing she'd ever seen. 

Her love and passion for Clue was officially solidified in that moment. 

Cut to 34 years later and that same young girl -- now, not so young but young at heart -- finds out there is a Clue remake in the works, and Ryan Reynolds is at the helm. 

Attempts at Tweeting @VanCityReynolds have gone unnoticed. Attempts to find connections in Vancouver (where I now live and where he is from) have been unsuccessful. So now, at the behest of my awesome and creative friend, Donna G, I'm creating a petition to hopefully get the attention of Mr. Reynolds. 


So, to anyone reading this: No, this isn't a typical petition to make the world a better place. I am a little angry at myself for doing this but then again I am starting an animal sanctuary in 2019 so forgive me if I want to indulge in some FUN before I save the animals... 

Please sign my petition. If we can get enough signatures, maybe someone, anyone, who knows someone who is friends with his dog walker or works at Aviation Gin will take pity on me and help make my dream a reality. 

xoxo FanGirl 

(Get it? my take on the Gossip Girl intro by Kristen Bell because Blake Lively was in it... yes? no?)