Say NO to the planned Quarry Farm Development

Say NO to the planned Quarry Farm Development

5 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Say NO to the planned Quarry Farm Development

Time is running out! - We have until the 6 April to voice our objections to Allison Homes’ proposed 650 home development. Here’s why we should say ‘NO’ to Allison Homes at Quarry Farm

1.    NO to building on our candidate Local Wildlife Site

Allison homes’ HUGE housing development with its busy link road will cover our green space in soulless housing and force fragile British wildlife into retreat.

Residents know how vital the green and pleasant spaces of Quarry Farm are for walking, exercise, family fun and mental health, but without action they’ll be lost for good.

And even though Quarry Farm has candidate Local Wildlife Status which should protect endangered plants and wildlife, developers want to build right through it and only offer unsubstantiated promises for habitat mitigation.

With a major climate crisis happening NOW and with Rutland County Council being one of the worst performing counties for biodiversity, how can this be justified?

Demand: Local Wildlife Status for Quarry Farm to secure it for future generations and the link road required for the 1300 home Stamford North development east of Quarry Farm be routed away from the Candidate Wildlife Site

Watch our video here.

2. NO to unsustainable pressure on local infrastructure and services

Stamford is facing a local service and infrastructure CRISIS.

Lakeside, our only local GP practice, is in special measures; town centre traffic is on the increase; parking spaces are a lottery and our North-Western estate and junction roads, such as Sidney Farm Lane and Arran Rd, are becoming more congested and unsafe.

With an anticipated injection of 3000 additional cars onto local road networks and 6000 extra people making demands on our services, why should we suffer so developers can make a fast buck off Stamford’s estate-agent money tree?

Demand: Fix the current public service crisis FIRST and legally underwrite effective junction and road safety improvement measures on ALL affected roads BEFORE even considering granting planning permission

3. NO to decisions without local CONSENT

Despite this development being an extension of Stamford’s built-up area, Rutland County Council will be the decision maker on this development, not our elected representatives at SKDC.

Is it fair that Rutland gain all the rewards in the form of housing targets, council tax and developer contributions while Stamford residents shoulder the burden?

Is it fair that a development of this scale is being rushed through out of political convenience because of Rutland’s failure to secure its Local Plan?

 Is it fair that decisions have been made behind closed-doors and with minimal stakeholder engagement?

Is it fair, that South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) and Stamford Town council (STC) are NOT putting up a fight against Rutland’s plans for Stamford? And standing up for the people and voters of Stamford?

We think not.

Demand: That the developer SKDC and RCC complete a full public consultation with all sections of the community including businesses, schools, and residents BEFORE planning is considered.


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-        Write to your local Town, District and County Councillors. Simply google 'find my councillor' for all 3 bodies or find them below

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o   South Kesteven District Council

o   Lincolnshire County Council

Protect Quarry Farm is a local campaign group made up of volunteers who care about what goes on in our name. 

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Signatures: 1,753Next Goal: 2,500
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