Standing Against Anti-Semitism at Rutgers

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Standing Against Anti-Semitism at Rutgers

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Started by Miriam Waghalter

Professor Michael Chikindas, a microbiology professor at Rutgers’ University, shared multiple posts on Facebook promoting anti-Semitism and homophobia. Stand with Rutgers students by signing this petition, sending a clear message that these comments will not be tolerated at our university.

To President Barchi, Chancellor Dutta, and the Administration of Rutgers University:

We, Jewish students at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, are deeply concerned regarding Professor Michael Chikindas’ public attacks against Jews, the LGBT community, and the State of Israel.

As reported in The Algemeiner ( Professor Chikindas shared multiple Facebook posts that promote the ugliest forms of anti-Semitism and homophobia, which causes great pain and concern to both the Jewish and LGBT student bodies.

As Jewish students of the University, we are thankful for a campus environment that allows our community to thrive in so many different ways. The fact that Rutgers has the largest population of Jewish undergraduates in America is testament to Rutgers’ success in creating a space for a diverse group of students to learn together.

We firmly support the University’s commitment to free speech and expression by all students and faculty, but such hateful and discriminatory images and words compromise a faculty member’s ability to serve in that role. Faculty are the heart and soul of the university. If they are not held accountable when they promote racism and prejudice, then hatred and division will grow, to the detriment of our students, our beloved university, and our whole society.

Rutgers University issued a statement condemning Prof. Chikindas’ posts, which we applaud. While we are grateful for this first step, it must be followed by concrete action. Members of the Rutgers faculty have a great deal of influence over Rutgers students, and the spread of stereotypes and lies is both of grave concern to us and at odds with their role as educators.

Therefore, we call on Rutgers University to take swift and necessary action to suspend Professor Chikindas, pending further investigation.


Concerned Jewish Students of Rutgers

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This petition had 8,017 supporters

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