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To preserve academic freedom & a commitment to civil liberties.

Letter to
Rutgers University President Richard L. McCormick
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Rutgers University President, Richard L. McCormick.

It was recently uncovered that the NYPD conducted surveillance on Rutgers University students.

The Associated Press reported that In 2009, undercover NYPD officers had set up a safe house in an apartment in New Brunswick not far from campus. The operation was blown when the building superintendent stumbled upon the safe house and, thinking it was some sort of a terrorist cell, called 911.

Press reports suggest that surveillance was not based on specific evidence of any criminal wrongdoing, but more so of general background intelligence gathering.

These activities may violate the legal and civil rights of the groups & individuals targeted for surveillance.

All Americans, especially college students, deserve the freedom to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to speak and organize freely without fear. When the NYPD spying was brought to the attention of the University, spokesman E.J. Miranda said: "The university was not aware of this at the time and we have nothing to add on this matter."

We ask the Rutgers University Administration to pass a resolution with the following:

1) Opposing surveillance activities by the NYPD & affiliated agencies on Rutgers University campuses, either directly or through the use of informants.

2) Outlining its opposition to on-campus surveillance, based on the principle of academic freedom and a robust commitment to civil liberties, as well as to detail the knowledge of or involvement in this surveillance and information gathering.

3) Publicly calling on the NYPD to inform those groups and individuals that have been the subject of surveillance and the nature of the information gathered.

4) Publicly calling on Commissioner Raymond Kelly to state on the record the extent of NYPD surveillance of Rutgers University Students & Faculty.

5) Publicly calling on the New York City Council to exercise meaningful and transparent independent oversight on the NYPD's surveillance activities targeting law abiding Muslims.


Rutgers University Alumni

*We would like to thank the Hunter College Senate for inspiring the above resolution and passing theirs unanimously