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Wing Chun is a martial arts system that originated in Southern China about ~200 years ago. Invented by women, with the goal of simply maximizing efficiency in combat in whatever way it could, it has gone on to reach global fame with primary figures such as Bruce Lee and Ip Man.

As a practitioner of 8 years and also an instructor under the Wong Shun Leung/Philipp Bayer Lineage, I wanted to bring Wing Chun to my university community, as there is a general lack of Chinese Martial Arts at Rutgers University. Wing Chun is also a relatively rare system in the United States, and I am one of 3 instructors for my lineage in the Tri-State Area (only 6 of us in the entire country).

Currently, we are hitting a roadblock because Rutgers University has deemed Wing Chun to be too similar to White Crane. Meanwhile, the school has 3 Jiu Jitsu Clubs.

Wing Chun is not similar to White Crane Kung Fu. Although there are a handful of movements shared among the two Chinese systems (maybe 5 out of 118 movements), they are completely different systems at the end of the day. Not just in ideology, but in practice and in training. Although it is certainly great that there is a White Crane Kung Fu Club at Rutgers, it is absolutely unfair to stereotype the two Chinese systems. 

I have not gotten the chance to prove that the systems are different by the school, nor do I have the opportunity to appeal their decision in any way. The students at Rutgers deserve even more variety in the sports clubs and martial arts clubs than they do already. Wing Chun also deserves a chance to offer to the Rutgers Community all the benefits that I have personally experienced in my 8 years of training.

Please sign this petition in hopes that we can be officially recognized as a club and given the right to participate in the involvement fair in Fall 2018 so that we have an opportunity to bring Wing Chun Kung Fu to the Rutgers Community

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