Protect Rutgers Staff Workers From COVID-19

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As of tomorrow, Rutgers will stop face-to-face interactions among students and faculty in an effort to protect the Rutgers community from the outbreak of COVID-19. While this plan is great for students and faculty, it leaves out Rutgers staff members that are an integral part of our community. Staff members will still be required to report for work as usual. Staff members, just like any other member of the RU community, might be of an age that is at a higher risk of complications, might use public transportation to get to work, might be immunocompromised, or might have family members they will be putting at risk by continuing to come to work. Staff members are part of our community and they deserve to be treated with the same consideration and respect as students and faculty. Their lives are just as important as our own. Please sign this petition to stand in solidarity with staff workers at Rutgers and make it known that RU's display of negligence towards the health of staff is unacceptable.