Reschedule Rutgers University 2020 Commencement

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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Rutgers University has chosen to suspend this year’s on-campus May commencement events. This decision came in response to the CDC's recommendation against any public gatherings of more than 50 people for the coming months. While we understand how critical it is for us to enact practices to mitigate the situation at hand & understand the severity of it, we are absolutely shocked to learn that Rutgers University is not fully committed to rescheduling the ceremonies. The university has stated that they will let us know in the coming weeks if the commencement will be rescheduled or not. We would like to express as a community that not committing to rescheduling our commencement will bring a great amount of disappointment to our graduates. Our students have worked way too hard to have this ceremonial event be taken away from them so abruptly. Many first-generation students (who make up a good percentage of the university) will not have the chance to walk across the stage if the university does not hold the ceremony. While the university states that canceling the ceremony will not have an effect on the school’s ability to confer degrees, it’s important for the university to realize the significance of the ceremony itself. No tossing of the caps, no pictures with our friends & families- all of these moments will be taken away from us. While many other universities are opting to have an online graduation ceremony, we feel as though this is not appropriate alternative. It does a disservice to all the hard work the graduating class has put in during their time here at Rutgers University. Please sign this petition so that Rutgers University will commit to rescheduling the ceremony for our Class of 2020 to a later, more appropriate date.