Petition to develop a universal Rutgers commuter parking pass

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As off-campus students, we pay up to $300 for commuter parking permits each year only to be able to park in one lot during daytime school hours, on only one campus. It is near impossible for a student to have all of their classes on one campus. I, personally, would pay more for a permit that would allow me to park on multiple campuses.

Not only that, but the lots that we are designated to and paid to park in are often jam-packed. This leaves commuter students driving around their only designated lot for extended periods of time looking for parking. I, myself, have put myself at risk for tickets because I simply could not find parking in the lot I paid to park in. I believe the unavailability of spaces is due to students with other commuter passes parking on campuses that do not match their parking pass - for the same reason stated above. It is an ongoing cycle of disarray.

In addition, the parking situation on Rutgers campuses forces commuter students to waste valuable study time waiting for busses to go from campus to campus, contributing to their overcrowding. Yes, on-campus students wait for these same busses but do not have to go through the additional struggle of looking for parking upon arrival to campus.

The issue could be solved with a universal pass that allows parking on one or two lots on each campus, evenly distributing commuter students, preventing the unnecessary overcrowding of bus transportation, and preventing lost time for the student. With more accessibility to parking, it would lead less commuter students to end up parking in unauthorized lots or campuses out of last minute necessity. 

Whether this means utilizing underused lots or adding a few small lots, we implore RUDoTS to work to find a solution to the problem. Last year, Rutgers took in $5M in parking tickets. Surely some of those funds could be redirected to improvement of parking availability. The college is growing and taking in more students, we are going to need more space as student population increases.

Please consider that allowing a universal campus-wide pass would solve several problems on campus and grant us the option to park on different campuses. 

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