Remove Racist Walt Whitman Statue from Rutgers-Camden Campus

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We are calling for the removal of the Walt Whitman statue which stands tall in the middle of our campus. Rutgers- Camden has been making efforts recently to remove symbols around our campus which continue to perpetuate a racist past. I believe that the statue of Walt Whitman glorifies a man who we should not hold such a place of honor on our campus. Our school encourages inclusion, diversity, and equity while Whitman stood for none of  those things. He instead stood for white supremacy and racism against Black and Indigenous Americans.

Quote of Walt Whitman's white supremacist beliefs: "The nigger, like the Injun, will be eliminated: it is the law of races, history, what-not: always so far inexorable- always to be. Someone proves that a superior grade of rats comes and then all the minor rats are cleared out." - Walt Whitman

By removing this statue the administration will show that they care about their students and function to provide the best environment possible for student success.   Rutgers- Camden will be known as a safe place for people no matter their race. Now is the time to make this change, please sign this petition if you agree!