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Stop using monkeys in your adverts.

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I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Rustlers were advertising their burgers using performing monkeys in their latest TV advert.

The animals exploited in this way have to be taken away from their mother at a very early age to be raised by humans so they can be moulded and trained into performing creatures. It's unnatural for them. These naturally social animals are isolated and kept separately from their own kind so that they depend more on their trainers for instructions, not able to show their natural instincts they become stressed. The teeth of the animals are usually pulled out or filed down so they can't damage if they bite. As the monkeys mature into an adult they become stronger and can become difficult to handle. And what happens to the retired monkeys once they can't earn money anymore?

Rustlers should not have used a live monkey in their adverts when they can easily use digital, cartoon or puppet monkeys instead. Their actions are setting animal welfare back by decades.

In using monkeys in their advert Rustlers are also encouraging the pet trade of monkeys. The 'It's cute, I want one' attitude. The truth is that they are taken from the wild, lots of animals are killed in this process as they protect their young, most don't survive the journey, buyers aren't given correct instructions of how to keep them healthy and they become aggressive and need to be gotten rid of when they are no longer 'cute'.

Rustlers you should pull the advert, replace the live monkey with a digital version, make an apology and donate some money to a sanctuary who rescue the few fortunate monkeys who manage to get out of the entertainment business alive and get to retire into a more natural life.

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