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Stop The Mass Slaughter of Stray Dogs In Russian Cities

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In preparation for the World cup 2018, Russian cities hosting the games are killing their stray dog populations in mass. 

A total of eleven cities will be hosting this year's tournament, including Kaliningrad, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi. The cities are allegedly overridden with homeless pups, so much so, they can be spotted riding subway trains like normal commuters. Moscow alone is believed to have upwards of 35,000 strays. This increased population of strays is due to a lack of animal protection policies. Pet owners toss their unwanted dog out onto the street with no qualms and no repercussions.

Over the years, the situation only got worse. The city still hasn't adopted any laws to protect animals, and so people continue to mistreat and abandon their pets with no repercussions.

Instead of dealing with the problem at its core, it has chosen to spend nearly $2 million on deploying "canine KGB death squads" across the country, and the result is piles of dead stray dogs lying in deserted locations all over Russia.

There are many petitions taking off attacking these cruel acts, let us join hands with them and add more signatures. Russia needs to pass and reinforce animal protection laws. 

 (Photo: Lauren Kay via Unsplash)

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