Save Kettering's Heritage Quarter's Trees

Save Kettering's Heritage Quarter's Trees

3 February 2021
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Kettering council
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Started by Jack Preston

Update 12/03/2021

Two trees have been felled and four have been moved; the rest are still at risk of being felled or moved by extensive "landscaping". Please keep sharing and sign if you haven't already!

Update 17/02/2021

About a week ago it seemed we were making progress - a press release claimed that the number of trees to be felled was reduced to two, with one being re-located. Since then, an online update says four are due to be moved; every point of contact the group was speaking to has gone an annual leave until the date the trees are due to be felled, making discussion impossible.

While the group admin keeps pushing behind the scenes, please keep sharing the petition, and sign if you haven't already!


The people of Kettering have become aware of a scheme to extend the Art Gallery and Library; while we understand that improving those facilities may be beneficial for the community, we'd like you to consider the environment impact of what cutting down all of the currently condemned trees would have, especially in the light of the current climate emergency, which Kettering Borough Council have acknowledged ( 

The area is not only home to robins, blackbirds, and squirrels, but also Peregrine falcons and bats. 

While we understand that trees are being replanted elsewhere, mature trees such as those in the proposed grounds are much better at replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen, not to mention the homes they provide for the aforementioned species. (

I reiterate we don't expect the plans to be entire scrapped, but we'd like them to be reconfigured to preserve as many trees as possible. For example, don't replace the green spot just outside the library with a paved over oval area, as per the proposed plans. Instead, leave it as it is. Here is an article showing buildings incorporating trees into their designs, rather than removing them (

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Signatures: 1,437Next Goal: 1,500
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