Get Aussies home from Morocco

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There are currently Australians stuck in Morocco Due to Covid 19. Morocco closed their airspace almost without warning and many people were unable to leave. 
Morocco are allowing repatriation of foreign nationals out of Morocco and many other countries have done so but the Aussies have been told it won’t be happening and they may have to wait indefinitely to leave. There are many Aussies held up there in hotels, who are running out of money and don’t know how they can maintain their stay. 
Morocco has been in complete lockdown for the past 24 days. They have been forced to follow the strictest hygiene measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19. These are healthy Australian citizens. 
My friend Kelly is one of many stuck. She is the most generous and community minded person. Just the other month she started and coordinated a mammoth feed and stock recovery charity for the Victorians affected by the horrific fires. They had 300 round bales of hay leaving every 12 hours to help the farmers who were stranded and were unable to feed their animals who had survived the devistation. So many people were positively impacted by her dedication to help. 
She now has a partner at home who lives with disability and requires care and support. She desperately needs to get home for him. 
Kelly is just one person in this situation. This is impacting so many Australians. Please bring them home.