Save Queen Elizabeth Park in Farnborough!

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We the undersigned request that The Planning Inspectorate of England and Wales, Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC) and MP for Aldershot Leo Docherty listen and act URGENTLY on our behalf to work with ESSO to find a solution which will minimise loss of trees in Queen Elizabeth Park Farnborough, and ensure that any loss is offset within the park with new, and good quality trees and shrubs. We would also like assurances that the play park will be replaced with a good quality park. 

At the moment there is a feeling that local residents have been misled at the consultation process, with many residents and park users stating they knew nothing at all about the consultation. There appears to be scant reference to the park itself, referring only to "lowland mixed deciduous woodland", with  most of the focus being on Nash Close and the railway line. Therefore people are extremely angry that there appears to be plans to destroy a large portion of mature and historic woodland, which is loved and cherished by the residents of farnborough and surrounding areas.

Esso consulted on the basis of minimal disruption, damage to the environment and non loss of amenity to the affected residents.  The revised plans submitted by Esso seem to show a slight deviation from the consultation routes and techniques being used for installation (open trenches as opposed to trench less techniques). 

The wanton and abhorrent destruction of mature trees in the Queen Elizabeth Park and the removal of a much used and loved playground for local families is unacceptable and will leave local residents and future residents at a huge disadvantage. 

Most people are not against the pipeline itself, but we would urge ESSO to rethink the techniques that they plan to use, and reconsider the route to something that will cause minimal damage and loss of trees to this much loved, historic parkland. The plans currently state that a corridor of up to 30 metres may be required and this is not something that local residents feel they were made aware of.

Rushmoor Borough Council say they are committed to improving its Green Spaces and leisure facilities for residents as shown in the Rushmoor Plan, so allowing the plans to go ahead in their current form would go against everything the council and its residents want.