All Day Free Parking for Staff at Rushden Lakes

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Rushden Lakes allows free parking for 5 hours to all customers and staff.

However the problem is that a lot of staff at the lakes work over 5 hours a day. This has resulted in a large number of staff at the lakes receiving £100 parking fines.

Some employees have received as many as 6 parking fines each even though they have been there working. 

There are no other car parks nearby, other than Waitrose and other company car parks across the road, however they are only 2 hours parking.

Rushden Lakes have allowed companies to have designated parking spaces for some of the staff offering between 2-5 spaces to accommodate for all the employees at each store, however with most stores employing over 100 people, with the vast majority of these people driving, it is hugely un-accomidating. 

I want Rushden Lakes to put all staff registration plates on their system to allow for all staff to receive free parking all day to avoid getting parking fines on their shifts. 

With the further development that is happening, there is no reason why they cannot create a staff car park, if the registration plate recognition system is not an option. 

Or alternatively hand out car stickers or badges for all employees so they can avoid the fines. 

Please help employees of rushden lakes get there free parking, as it simply isn't fair.