Protect Wilford Field

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Wilford Field, a secluded haven of wildlife between the Wilford Fields and Compton Acres residential areas, is under the constant looming threat of future development.

As the rest of Rushcliffe and the south of Nottingham is developed, we call on Rushcliffe Borough Council to protect this land through establishing it as a 'Local Nature Reserve'. In doing so, it must work with the local community to set out a positive mangement plan in conjunction with Natural England, that shows a future of good managment of the land and secures its future as a cherished centre of our community.

Establishing an arboretum, in cooperation with the Woodland Trust, will be an assett to the county and community. Maintaining the wide field with a circular arboretum walk around the outside edge will become a haven for all local residents: animal and human, young and old.

Over the past 8 months during the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us have found a new passion for our local environment whilst out for daily walks. This beautiful green lung in the middle of a busy community has become more important than ever.

This much-loved tranquil area of grass and greenery must stay open for everyone in the Wilford and Compton Acres community to enjoy. It is a valued and cherished community asset that should be better protected and better cared for. The field is home to an abundance of birds and other wildlife, children play there, families walk there, dogs (and cats) exercise there, hedgehogs thrive there and everyone benefits from having this green lung in their area.

We, as a community, call on the local council to protect this land for the future, designate it as a Local Nature Reserve and work with the local community to plant trees and ensure access for all.