Action to stop the bus gate in Tredegar Road Bow and other changes that are linked

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Tower Hamlets have set up a ‘trial’ run of changes to the roads within Bow Tower Hamlets,with a view to make the changes permanent at a cost of 3.3 million being paid from TFL and the Mayor Of London.

These changes include a bus gate on Tredegar Road in place from 7am to 8pm which restricts traffic coming from the a12 on to Tredegar Road and vice versa.  There are also road changes on Coborn road and adjoining streets. These changes are going to cause a huge disruption for local residents,the elderly, disabled, market traders, shop owners, delivery vehicles and general access to people’s homes.

The public on a whole have not been consulted on these restrictions and the majority object strongly to their implementation.

The whole project is meant to help congestion,air pollution and noise but is only shifting the problem from one area to another seemingly to appease residents in certain ‘affluent’ areas with disregard to the rest of us who’s lives are being hugely disrupted. 

Some of the roads being used to take the strain of the diversions just aren’t suitable for high volumes for traffic and large lorries.

If you are a resident and are being affected please sign this petition and SHARE!!