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End Blackball at the Wedge

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The Wedge is one of the most premiere skimboarding, bodyboarding and surfing waves in the world.  Yet for decades board riders of all types have been prohibited from enjoying this public resource during the majority of the south swell season.  The City of Newport Beach needs to re-evaluate its policy found in resolution 95-116 and all revisions thereto, to establish rules that can best serve communities which deserve access to this public space.  Further, the city should explicitly address and reverse its discriminatory practice of granting exclusive use of this public space to a preferred group of wave riding athletes (bodysurfers).

WHO:  The City Of Newport Beach
WHAT:  A ban against all flotation devices (boards of any kind) from May 1st - Oct 31st during most of the day, everyday (10am - 5pm).
WHERE: The world famous surf spot known as The Wedge in Newport Beach CA
WHY SHOULD I CARE?: The city has effectively outlawed multiple forms of recreational activity at one of the best surf spots in the world.  For wave riding athletes this is analagous to mountain climbing being outlawed on Mt. Everest.  The role of the city is to provide for fair use of public beaches, not to to outlaw fair use of public beaches.
HOW DO I HELP?:  Sign the petition and share it with your friends.  Write the Newport Beach Blackball Working Group to leave your comments (  Write the Newport Beach City council members and voice your opinion.  For the eloquent and responsible, show up to the special blackball meeting next week at Newport Beach city hall.  It will be held at 6pm October 21st.


Newport Beach Blackball Working Group

Newport Beach City Council

Resolution 95-116 Designating Surfing Areas

Oct 21st Public Meeting Notice


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    Nancy Gardner
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    Blackball Working Group
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    Newport Beach Recreation Dept.

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