Rural King Stop Selling Domestic Rabbits & Other Animals

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We the Petitioners respectfully request that Rural King stand with Tractor Supply who made the compassionate decision to cease all rabbit sales in their stores in 2012.

We also respectfully request a USDA statewide investigation into the neglect and cruelty of the animals at Rural King stores, having over 100 stores in a twelve state area.  

There are valid concerns over the welfare of the animals in the Rural King stores across the states.  Recent photos reveal serious injuries on rabbits due to several rabbits being crammed in small cages in the Beckley WV store.  The neglect and suffering is appalling, unethical and unacceptable.

Several instances of alleged sick or dead animals are regularly reported online being seen crammed in small store cages which causes territorial fighting where the rabbits severely injure each other, sick and lame rabbits are seen.  Animals dying shortly after purchase and claims of a back room "hospital" where sick or injured rabbits and chicks are left without Vet care, food or water to suffer and die as well as news reports of live chicks thrown in dumpsters.  Baby rabbits appear to be under 2 months old often seen in photos taken in the store.

March 2017 -Concerns over Animal Welfare at Local Farm Supply Store
Back room "chick hospital" was a galvanized tub with quite a few dead chickens in it.
"Hatfield said this is not a new problem. Last year, she received reports of bunnies dying daily at Rural King in addition to chicks".

May 2017 - Complaints - of baby pigs 8.5 weeks and 9.5 weeks old still trying to nurse for sale at Rural King.

May 2017 - Mistreatment of animal allegations

March 2015 - Sick live baby chicks seen thrown into garbage dumpster at Rural King.

July 2014 - Alleged Consumer complaint: Carbondale Illinois store is selling sick and dying baby rabbits and the manager refuses to acknowledge complaints.

July 2014- Alleged investigation by Illinois Department of Agriculture Animal Cruelty Department into the death of two dutch rabbits purchased at the Carbondale Illinois Rural King store.  One laying sick in store died within 2 hours of purchase, the mate 72 hours later.  Alleged report of Ileus -gastrointestinal shutdown, deadly bloat, bacterial infection, and parasitic infestation (contagious).  Described as malnourished and skeletal . (Referenced in petition photo). 

Rural King not only sells sick and injured rabbits they sell them all year long while contributing to the unwanted and dumped rabbits in both shelters and in the wild, where they rarely survive either fate.

What can you do to help?  Please read the links below and continue to share this petition.

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