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Stop the sale of mini pigs at Rural Kings

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Rural King has over 100 stores nationwide, mostly in the mid-west and Florida. They are known for selling farm supplies and home goods. For some time they have sold chicks and rabbits but their latest addition has been the sale of mini pigs. Not all stores are selling them but at least 4 of the 5 locations in Florida are, as they have contracted with Mini Miracles Mini Pigs. Mini Miracles is NOT USDA licensed, they do not hold a business license in Polk County and they are not even registered with the State of Florida as a legitimate business. They have been denied certification from both Mini Pig Breeders, Inc. and American Mini Pig Association (AMPA), due to bad breeding practices. One such practice is selling piglets much younger than advertised. Two stores in Florida have recently been visited and the pigs were advertised as 8.5 weeks and 9.5 weeks old. One piglet was still trying to nurse and the other piglet didn't even have its top teeth in yet.

These animals are selling for $400 at their various locations in Florida.  While mini pigs are considered domestic pets in many counties, many HOA's and cities still do not allow them in residential areas. Zoning checks are not being completed during these purchases. These pigs, especially the males, are not even neutered at the time of the sale.

A retail store is not the environment to sell these animals. They are extremely smart and each have unique personalities. Mini pigs can be emotional support animals and even certified therapy animals. They are smarter than dogs and cats and can be more destructive. There is a nationwide epidemic of mini pigs being dumped due to bad breeding practices and misinformation. Why continue the cycle? Pig sanctuaries across the country are overflowing with these discarded and unwanted animals. CraigsList is also full of ads with these same mini pigs.

There is not a supply issue. Why continue to increase supply and then partner with a breeder who is considered to be running a piggy mill with terrible breeding practices by many in the industry?

Pig Advocates League, on behalf of all the rescues and sanctuaries in the country, the thousands of abandoned pigs, and many in the mini pig community urge Rural King to discontinue the practice of selling mini pigs as pets.

We would like to present Rural King with this petition to demonstrate just how many people believe that the sale of these piglets should not continue. Aside from Rural King not complying with the laws of the Animal Welfare Act, the sale of these underage and inbred piglets is just morally repulsive.

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