Refund Ottawa Marathon registration fees

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On March 30th, Run Ottawa/ Marathon Ottawa announced that they would be cancelling the Ottawa Marathon scheduled for May 23/24th 2020 due to COVID-19. To compensate the 17000 runners already registered, they decided to hold a virtual race and provide a 50% discount for the 2021 race. In other words, they would not be providing a refund for the $100+ registration fee. In fact, any registrant will be paying 150% the price for the 2021 race if they can even attend.

Assuming each registrant paid $100 to register, that would mean they pocketed $1.7 million without holding an actual race. Where did the money go? Relying on "our terms of agreements states we don't cover Acts of God" is no excuse for stealing peoples money.

Runners are now expected to continue training for a virtual event that could be held for FREE using Strava, Meetup or Mapmyrun.

This petition highlights the injustice of such action and asks Run Ottawa to come up with a better and fairer solution for the participants who have already registered. We are understanding that COVID-19 was unexpected and puts event planners in a tough predicament but runners should not be paying for an event that is not going to happen.