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Ruby Skye P.I. & Friends say No Thanks to Plastic-Bottled Water

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At Ruby Skye P.I., our team, characters and all their friends are extremely concerned about everybody out there buying so much plastic-bottled water.  The process of making and shipping all those plastic water bottles is terrible for the planet, and often totally unnecessary:  

*manufacturing just one litre of plastic-bottled water uses three to five litres of everybody’s public-system water; did you know public water shortages have been reported around the Great Lakes region - where plastic-bottled water is produced?

*shipping all those plastic bottles eats up a lot of non-renewable energy, like fossil fuels.

*some people think drinking plastic-bottled water is safer than drinking water from the tap; but in most places - most of the time - that’s just not true.

*all those plastic bottles have to go somewhere! The empties we throw away add a huge and unnecessary burden to our landfills and recycling efforts.

* We care too much about our planet to do something that is hurting it, instead of helping it - especially when there is a much more environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic-bottled water for so many of us.

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