Parked Trucks on the Roadside/Highways are Dangerous!

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Accidents do happen, however, the blame is always on speeding, rash driving, and of course bad roads. The point we're missing is that a lot of our Indian roads are narrow and many a time, we may have all seen accidents occurring due to vehicles crashing into these parked trucks and buses. They are simply not visible.

Most trucks plying on our roads are old, covered with mud, and do not have a shiny, painted surface, and to make matters worse, they do not keep their brake/tail lights on or in working condition, neither do they have reflectors intact. The result, is even some good, safe drivers end up rear-ending into these parked vehicles. 

While we cannot stop trucks from parking on the side of the roads, kind request to the Transport authority and RTOs to bring in stricter laws to make braking lights and rear reflectors to be mandatory and in good working condition for all vehicles and that any parked truck or bus keeps these switched on whilst parked/stopped on a public road/highway.