Prime Minister of India: RTI law will continue to suffer till the Rules are made

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Our power to ask questions is being jeopardized. We can’t afford to let the government undermine the RTI Act. The central government is not making rules regarding the tenure and salaries of information commissioners.

In July 2019, amendments were made to weaken the RTI law. The amendments empower the central government to make rules to fix tenures and salaries of all information commissioners in the country. This was done despite strong public protests.

It has been nearly 3 months since the amendments were passed but the government has not formulated rules so far. As a result, appointments of information commissioners cannot be made.

There are a large number of vacancies in commissions across the country and backlog of cases are piling up. People are having to wait for many months, even years, to have their appeals and complaints heard. This delay is frustrating peoples’ right to know.

We demand that the central government immediately frame rules so that appointments can be made to information commissions. The government must ensure that the rules are made in a transparent manner and after due public consultation, as required by the Pre-legislative Consultation Policy of 2014. This is essential to ensure that peoples’ fundamental right to information is not weakened further.

The RTI Act has empowered millions of citizens of India to access their basic rights and hold their governments accountable. 

Sign the petition so we can collectively protect our right to information. #RTIRules

Anjali Bhardwaj, Venkatesh Nayak, Amrita Johri