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Tougher penalties and imprisionment for animal abuse

There is needless suffering and cruelty that goes on behind closed doors and also outside in public places. There are wicked and sick individuals who think it is fun to abuse, maim, hurt , murder animals and then some who film and post it into websites. These people do not no right from wrong, they cannot understand respect and compassion, the only thing to make them think again about their acts are heavier prison sentances. There is neglect and pain and suffering to an untold number of animals, a lot of them in the home, and is on the increase. Those who do it are wicked and don't care, they are not punished for these cruel acts..I understand that a lot of animal abusers go on to human abuse.. There is no deterant to stop them. This needs to change. I and the signers here would like to ask for your help in making these changes for a better world for all animals and mankind.

Thank you

Valerie Corser
















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    Rt Hon Theresa May

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