Recognise the Importance of the Commonwealth Post-Brexit

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We the undersigned petition Parliament and Her Majesty’s Government concerning the following topics, all in relation with Britain’s new relationship with the Commonwealth of Nations following Brexit.

The Commonwealth, Commonwealth Realms and CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK) are truly unique associations in the modern age and closer relationships would be mutually beneficial for all of our citizens.

To that end, we propose the Government: 

  1. Recognises the importance of the Commonwealth & Commonwealth Advantage Post-Brexit
  2. Releases further information on the government’s leaked ‘Special Passport Area’
  3. Allows for regulated free movement of citizens between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  4. Reviews the student, tourist, business and work visa process for Commonwealth citizens.

1. We call for the government’s proposals for the ‘Special Passport Area’ between the Commonwealth Realms (the 15 other nations which share HM Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign) be reviewed and released to the public for a consultation. 

We support the concept of a ‘Special Passport Area' and believe they would be popular at home and abroad, especially in relation to visa reform.

2. The importance of the Commonwealth Connection and Commonwealth Trade Advantage be acknowledged by HM’s Government & Parliament, and acted upon as the government negotiates new trade deals. 

3. That, in accordance with CANZUK International’s proposals for limited free movement of citizens, free movement between the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the New Zealand will be enacted. This would not undermine or encroach on the national sovereignty or the complete and supreme control of borders enjoyed by sovereign states under international law.

Despite Brexit, regulated free movement between the CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the UK) nations has the support of the majority of the British public, as proved in two surveys, showing support varying between 58% and 62% in favour of the proposal.

4. Reforming an outdated visa system to provide all Commonwealth citizens with access to the reduced price tourist visa offered to citizens of the People’s Republic of China (£89 instead of £330). The Commonwealth Advantage is a scientifically recognised increase in trade & investment between Commonwealth nations due to cultural similarities, estimated to increase trade by up to 33%.

With the Right to Petition being the oldest right enjoyed by British citizens and subjects of Her Majesty the Queen, we present our request to the government, knowing and trusting for a complete, open handed and balanced consideration of our proposals.

Post-Brexit, the UK will strive to be a global nation, as mentioned many times by honourable members of both houses, in and outside of the chamber on numerous occasions. We the undersigned firmly believe that our relationship with the sixty-one member-states in the entire Commonwealth family will be invaluable.

This is a great opportunity to secure mutual development and trade in the 21st Century for the citizens of our developed and developing nations alike. We call on the government to seize it for our common benefit.


The Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK Campaign

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