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To ban halal and Kosher slaughter in the UK

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Halal and Kosher slaughter was the only way known to kill ANIMALS for food. However,that was thousands of years ago. Times have changed,this practice has no place in a civilised society. The cruel slaughter,which unqualified people perform on a daily basis,needs to be banned in this country. Our slaughter houses have a DEFRA appointed vet at every abattoir,to ensure the animal's are slaughtered humanely,and without suffering. The staff are trained and know exactly what they are doing. The people who perform the Halal  slaughtering,have no training,Can be any age and are fully equipped with just a sharp knife. They are allowed to slaughter in their yards at home,with no consequences. This has to stop. Denmark has banned this practice,saying, "Animal Rights come before religion". PLEASE let our country do the right thing. The

houses of parliament have banned the supply and consumption of Halal meat,although our children are supplied this meat in their school meals,our Armed Forces are too,as are hospitals.The truth is,most fast food chains and most supermarkets,sell us Halal meat,but we are not told. KFC,subway,Sainsbury's,Tesco,Morrisons,all sell unlabelled halal meat. Boots sell Halal baby food,and Nando's meat is 75% halal.Mac Donald's is trialling,I believe,Halal only restaurants,where they believe there is a demand! Cashing in on animal cruelty.They were not concerned about the animal welfare.The supermarkets have to be accountable,selling unlabelled meat without telling non Muslim customers what they are eating. All New Zealand lamb sold in supermarkets,without exception,is Halal,have you ever seen a halal label on any products sold to us ? This practice is wrong,why should we be duped into eating it,for the religious reasons of minority groups? This is a petition against animal cruelty,regardless of religion!!!!!HALAL AND KOSHER SLAUGHTER IS NOT WANTED IN THIS COUNTRY. Please help to stop it,now!! Thank you.

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