Keep Murad in the UK


Keep Murad in the UK

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If ever there were a positive example of immigration to the UK, then Murad Khan would be it. An asylum seeker living in Suffolk, he is currently facing removal to Afghanistan, a place which he no longer considers his home and a place where he would still be in great danger were he to be forced to return there.

Murad is a student at the college where I am a teacher; I mainly got to know him through sport and the fact that he was always popping his head into the office to talk about cricket! He is a hugely valued member of our college community; he is popular, outgoing and throws himself at opportunities to help people wherever he can. Despite this, he remains a very vulnerable young man in need of our support.

Murad arrived in the UK aged 14 following some terrible and traumatic personal experiences that no person, let alone a young child, should ever have to go through. Murad's father and uncle were both Police Officers with the Afghanistan National Police - this led to them being murdered by the Taliban in front of a young Murad. Deciding that it was not safe for him to stay in Afghanistan, he fled to the UK, arriving here in the back of a lorry and immediately, and legally, seeking asylum - which was accepted on a temporary basis until he turned 18. He has no surviving family that he is aware of. 

Murad has been given a date in April for his appeal to be heard at a court case in London. This gives us less than four months to get enough people in support of Murad to speak out and try to convince the Home Office to allow him to stay. 

Murad has made an incredible journey during his time in the UK. He has been recognised both locally and nationally for his volunteer work, his support for other children in Foster Care and for his dedication to bettering himself. He regularly volunteers with Suffolk County Council and the local Rotary Club. Perhaps most impressively, he was one of only 20 young people chosen to be part of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust's 'Unlocking Potential' Mentoring Scheme. This was designed to allow young people who have overcome a challenging background to increase their self-confidence. As part of the scheme he was mentored by Olympic swimmer Ross Davenport and organised a charity cricket day. Murad chose for all the proceeds from this event to go to a charity which works with disadvantaged communities in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

The reasons why Murad chose to flee Afghanistan are the very reasons why he should be allowed to stay in the UK. He would be just as vulnerable, if he were returned there, as he was when he left. The only life that is on offer to him there is one of danger and of hiding. There is no doubt that, should Murad be allowed to continue to call the UK his home, he would go on to become an outstanding adult member of the British community.

Please, sign and share our petition, in order to show your support for Murad and his campaign to stay in the country he has grown up in, the country that has offered him safety, and the country that he considers home.

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