Help Stop The Religious Radicalisation of Young British Born Punjabi /Sikh males. Stop religious radicalisation before these individuals carry out an atrocity on the British public or authorities.

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Help Stop The Religious Radicalisation of Young British Born Punjabi /Sikh males. Stop religious radicalisation before these individuals carry out an atrocity on the British public or authorities.

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This petition does NOT call for any restriction on the Kirpan or any other article of faith, but asks for the community to take responsibility for those who use these articles of faith and the Sikh identity in acts of criminality.  Up to 2014, these radicals only attacked individuals from the Sikh and minorities communities which the Police choose to ignore, especially the West Midlands Police, today we have the same individuals carrying out attacks on Police, are the Police waiting for someone to be killed? 

The Sikh community has been respected as one of the most integrated, generous and peaceful communities in the UK. The followers of the Sikh Gurus and their teachings are highly dignified individuals of integrity, compassion, strong work ethic and selfless service. 

The Sikhs have fought very hard for their right to wear their sacred articles of faith, which include the Kirpan (small ceremonial sword)  and the Kara (Iron or steel bracelet) in the UK and around the world. 

The Kirpan and Kara have always been treated with the greatest of respect and responsibility by the majority of Amritdhari Sikhs (initiated Sikhs).

However, many members from the wider Sikh community have either heard or directly experienced intimidation, disruption and even violence from a small but significant group of  British born males in the name of the Sikh religion.

This small group operates as a carefully orchestrated militia with frequent use of violence.

Today the Sikh community risks its religious freedom with an imminent threat for the right to wear their scared articles of faith through the devastating and irresponsible actions of these few British born radicalised men. 

It is time for COMMON-UNITY, bringing the Community together against the rise of British Born radicalised militia gangs infiltrating the Sikh Community.

Definition of a radicalised mind: 
Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo[1] or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice. 

A radicalised mind is strongly condemned in all Sikh teachings. .

Violence against the Police

February 2015 yet more proof of religious radicalisation of young men in the Sikh community

This issue has now become an issue of national concern 
Sikh radicalisation tops agenda for Indo-UK counter terrorism joint working group meeting 

Read more at:"

The latest acts of FANATICISM: 

In December 2014, coachloaded with individuals from Birmingham, Coventry and London decended upon a Noormalia Mandir in Hayes London, attacking many worshippers and door men, before ransacking the place of worship itself. Currently under investigation  

On 1st July 2014, an elderly Sikh man and his sons were severely attacked and wounded with knuckle dusters and articles of faith (Kirpan - Sikh Sword, Kara - iron or steel bracelet) inside a sacred place of worship; 

The Sikh community has directly experienced the rise in British born males who have been inflicting violence, disrupting weddings and generally terrorising the wider Sikh communities in many parts of the UK.

The main hub of activity is seen in the West Midlands, Leicestershire, Coventry, Birmingham and Luton and if we do not address this now it will spread to other cities and towns across the UK. 

Patterns of radicalised minds within the community:

The same individuals involved in the recent attack in the Midlands, have been arrested by West Midlands Police for involvement in extermist group and murder!

Sikh Wedding Protesters (BBC Asian Network)


Six young Sikh Derby men jailed for 'lawless anarchy' in restaurant attack

Seven men were sentenced yesterday at Leicester Crown Court after admitting conspiracy to commit violent disorder. They were each jailed for two years


Sikh weddings are regularly disrupted by protesters opposed to mixed-faith marriages in Gurdwaras, a BBC Asian Network investigation has found.

Victims and their families have accused the protesters - who believe non-Sikhs should not be getting married in Sikh temples - of threatening behaviour.

In some cases, protesters have barricaded themselves inside Gurdwaras to prevent ceremonies taking place.

Last year the windows of a family's house in Coventry were smashed.

A 21-year-old man has admitted charges involving the importation and possession of nearly 100 banned weapons.

Police seized a number of items from Parwinder Baning's home in Kitchener Road in Leicester last December.


They included a 100,000 volt stun gun, which is twice the normal voltage of a police taser of 50,000 volts, knuckle dusters, pepper spray and push daggers.

Where does an unemployed boy get the funds to purchase such an aresnal of weapons?

CCTV footage of people wanted in connection with a disturbance during Diwali celebrations at a Sikh temple in Warwickshire have been released.


1.     Is the Sikh community going to allow these radicalised men to bring the sikh religion and sikh community into disrepute? 

2.     What are the police doing about the rise in young ‘radicalised’ British born men who are infiltrating the Sikh community?

3.     How can the community, police and government work together to remove this emerging radicalised group from within the community? 

4.    Do you feel safe knowing that there is an emerging rise of young radicals in the Sikh community?

5. Who is responsible for the radicalisation of so many young Sikh men over the past few years? 

Please SIGN THIS PETITION to show your support and fight against the emerging radicalised movement, whose irresponsible actions are bringing the Sikh community and Sikh religion into disrepute and are risking the Sikh right to wear articles of faith (Kirpan, Kara). 

We want to raise as much awareness as possible. This is not the way of Sikhi and the rise in radicalisation within the Sikh communities NEEDS to be addressed by higher governing bodies, the community and Sikh leaders within the community. 

This petition has also been made on behalf of all concerned Sikh mothers in the UK. We need to protect our children and our community from radicalisation. 

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