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Grant Immunity from prosecution for all troops involved in Bloody Sunday

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It has widely been reported that the first Armed Forces Veteran present during Bloody Sunday (NI Troubles) January 1972 has been arrested by the Police Service of Northern Ireland's Legacy Investigation Branch. Whilst known members of the Provisional IRA and other Republican terrorist groups have been pardoned, released early or faced no investigation and or arrest due to "Get out of jail free"" letters handed to them by the very government this man was serving.

This petition calls for all arrests and investigation into Forces Veterans during the Troubles to cease forthwith and the soldiers whom were present on that fateful day to be exonerated in the same way that members of known Republican terror groups have been exonerated for their terrorist crimes.

No benefit comes from this persecution of Veterans other than to stir up a tragic day in the history of the troubles.  These events occurred 43 years ago.  Northern Ireland and most of it's people have moved on and want to forget. Lets lay this to rest once and for all!  These political statements to appease the Republican/Sinn Fein movement must stop.


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