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Ban Wahhabism in the United Kingdom

The Wahhabi ideology is the backbone of Islamic terrorism, sponsored by Saudi Arabia. It is preached freely in the United Kingdom. The Wahhabi ideology is responsible for the radicalisation of our youth and vulnerable individuals. It is a form of hate speech that incites enmity for the West. It is a threat to everything the United Kingdom stands for.

Wahhabi religious seminaries effectively work as terrorist-producing factories.

Even if the UK continues airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, we will have achieved nothing while the ideology of ISIS, Wahhabism, thrives within our borders.

The Wahhabis have laid their roots in the United Kingdom. Mosques like Regent's Park Mosque, Finsbury Mosque and Dewsbury Mosque are amongst those promoting the Wahhabi ideology in the United Kingdom.

To tackle homegrown terrorism and restore peace, it is necessary now to ban Wahhabism from the United Kingdom with immediate effect, in the same way that the government banned the Khilafah movement.  

This is a matter of national security and the future of this great country.

Let's demand that Prime Minister Theresa May take this step to save the United Kingdom - before it is too late. 

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