Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt and Rt Hon Michael Gove: School Children's Spines are being Damaged, FACT!

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Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt and Rt Hon Michael Gove: School Children's Spines are being Damaged, FACT!

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Helen Brister started this petition to Rt Hon Michael Gove (Secretary of State for Education) and

MRI scans show that heavy school bags in excess of 10% of a child's body weight are causing Disc Compression and Curvature of the Spine.

How many of us have watched children struggle with school bags every day? I do and as a mother, I feel I must do something about it. THEIR bags are so heavy they can barely lift them and this is both going to, during and returning from school.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) listed musculoskeletal issues (back pain) as the second leading cause of disability worldwide “Global Burden of Disease 2010 Project”. The references below show there is an ever-growing problem. NOW is the time to ask for help in dealing with this before it is too late for our growing children.

Let them stand up straight and stop the every day strain these heavy bags are causing them, stop them feeling stressed and tired, stooping and slouching with back pain now or in the future!

How much more proof do we need before we see urgent change is needed?

“Health and Safety Regulations” should protect our children as they do for adults. They're not visitors at school when they spend around 60% of thier lives there from age 5 to 18 years.

                                        TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

Our children have no voice in this matter, yet it is THEIR bodies, health and futures that are being threatened!

Please sign this petition for the Government to limit the weight our children can carry to 10% maximum of their body weight to stop damaging THEIR spines.

Thank you 
Helen Brister

2010 MRI Study Finds Disc Compression, Spinal Curve, and Pain All Increase with Backpack Weight Philadelphia, PA (January 28, 2010) In children carrying in excess of 10% of their body weight!

Reference sites, supporters and articles:

www.globalschoolbagcampaign.org (under construction) part of the Backcare Charity.
UK Health Radio.

Winn Sams D.C is also petitioning in the USA and her website www.bacsupport.com has links to the following studies:
The ‘Spain’ Study April 2012.
2010 MRI study.
Global Burden of disease 2010 project.
The Philippine Pediatric Society paper.
Over use Injury.

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This petition had 109 supporters

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