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The transfrontier fence that kept Mozambique poachers out of South Africa has still not been erected thus seeing again for this year 2013 over 250 Rhinoceros poached within the Kruger National Park.

The date for the re-erection and any action if that regarding the fence is constantly being delayed by both parties in South Africa and Mozambique.

We must now place more pressure to enact both sides into jointly working together to re-erect the fence thus reducing the number of Rhinoceros deaths significantly within the Kruger National Park. Failing this, could and most likely will see Kruger’s Rhinoceros pushed into extinction.

We haven't got much time. 2014 will see the numbers of Rhinoceros level off. We must take harsher actions and apply pressure now in the correct areas exhausting every option from lobbying to aiding more conservation security. We will win this war we just need you all to help with more support.

This battle is not over until we say it is.

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Department of Environmental Affairs Rt Hon. Edna Molewa
Administration Department DEA Administration Department DEA
Department of Environmental Affairs Water and Ministry of Environmental Affairs
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Department of Environmental Affairs Mr Sanele Dlamini
Department of Environmental Affairs Mr Anil Bijman Singh
Department of Environmental Affairs Ms Nomxolisi Matyana
Mr Phillemon Mosana Department of Environmental Affairs Mr Phillemon Mosana Department of Environmental Affairs
Department of Environmental Affairs South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs - Secretary
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna Cites. General - John E. Scalon
Rt Hon Carvalho Muaria Tourism Minister Ministry for the Co-ordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA)
Department of Environmental Affairs Mr Maxwell Sirenya (Department of Environmental Affairs)
Dear Rt Hon Edna Molewa & Rt Hon Carvalho Muaria,

We the undersigned require the transfrontier fence to be re-erected and electrified before the end of 2014 thus reducing the amount of poached Rhinoceros killed for pseudo medicine, culture and greed and to cease the number of deaths on both sides immediately.

The time has come for both sides to now work professionally yet amicably to reduce Rhinoceros poaching carnage before we lose the Kruger Rhinoceros as we have the Limpopo Rhinoceros.

The fence was dropped to allow mammals to roam into Mozambique thus giving them more freedom. However with Rhinoceros poaching death tolls now double that [from 2012] with most of the poachers if not all deriving from the village stationed next to the (LNP) it's now time to call an end to this barbaric trade and culture for greed.

When the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park was officially declared in 2002, Valli Moosa ceremonially cut down metres of the fence separating the Kruger National Park (KNP) from the Limpopo National Park (LNP) in Mozambique. Safety and security concerns was the main reason that more of the fence has not been dropped, yet we have already seen within the press and media yet again within the past month masses of fence missing thus allowing poachers to roam into the park.

Sections where the fence has been dropped have not been monitored professionally to keep an eye on cross-border crime. The majority of the approximately 57km of fence that has been dropped so far is in the far north of Kruger, with about 12km dropped in the middle section between the parks. Crime has drastically increased and there will be no reduction to this if not an end unless imminent actions are taken rapidly.

Elephants, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Giraffe, Impala, Zebra, Wildebeest and Waterbuck all cross over this area with Rhinoceros and Elephants being the number one target. Rhinoceros when moving over last 48 hours if that before they are poached.

The sanctuary has also being taken down in the LNP. According to Arrie van Wyk, project coordinator for the Limpopo National Park, about 20km of the 60km fence around the sanctuary have been removed.

We the signed now believe enough is enough and without the fence being erected then we will most certainly this year 2013 see at least 1000 Rhinoceros brutally slain for a medicinal myth, with more rangers wounded to possibly slaughtered in gun battles. We the singed require the fence to be erected within the next two months or at least some work undertaken to reduce the Rhinoceros carnage.

A response to this email is required from which we hope is positive.

Thank you


The undersigned

Rhino protectors

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