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Say No To Halal and Kosher Meat

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The Islamic slaughtering of animals dhabiha involves killing via a cut to the juglar vein, carotid artery and windpipe.  UK slaughterhouses must be completely Halal compliant.  Blood is drained from the carcass and during the ghastly process a Muslim will recite a dedication known as tasmiya or shahada.  The RSPCA states that without pre-stunning that it causes "unnecessary suffering." 

Similarly Jewish law strictly forbids the use of stunning and kashrut does not require 'God's' blessing.  Currently, Halal and Kosher meat require no specific labeling and therefore countless thousands of UK citizens are eating it without consent.  It is even is animal foods.  Many slaughterhouses have chosen to move to Halal processes so as not to lose Muslim customers.

Stunning has been mandatory in the EU since 1979 but exemptions can be granted for religious slaughter.  Stunning is not a perfect science but I believe that no cattle, poultry or dare I even say beloved horses born in this so called civilised  society should be subjected to a terrifying Medieval-styled barbaric slaughter by having its throat slashed.   Furthermore Halal meat should not be imposed upon our nation.  I advocate for kindness and compassion in farming and particularly in the slaughtering process.  Let us do as Denmark has done and ban non-stunning altogether.  Please sign this petition and help to reduce the suffering of animals who have no voice.  Thank you.



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