Help free the unjustly banned GTA:Online players

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There has been a mass banning of players, with all of their progress being wiped entirely. 

Normally you might say this is good news - less cheaters; less people sabotaging the game, etc. The only problem - and it is a major problem - is that something has gone badly wrong, and large numbers of innocent, squeaky-clean players have been banned.

From grinding cargo and gunrunning work, to seeing everything they've ever done in the game wiped away. It's not a good way to start a GTA session, and there's no telling who'll be next.

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Make no mistake about it - this is dire. We're all still not sure just what is going on - only that plenty of people (who've been confirmed through numerous sources and stats to be legitimate) are now banned and have lost everything.

No one knows for sure that this isn't going to hit console players either.

What I'm saying is, this is something we should all be concerned about. There's no telling who'll get struck down next.

Now, what can we do in the mean time? Well, we have to push the issue. We need the news of this to spread far and wide, from friends, to small youtubers, to big youtubers, to news sites - everywhere. It needs to be sung from the rooftops.

Don't forget you can email them too at

We also have this petition here. We want answers, Rockstar. This isn't an acceptable way to treat long-time customers.