Tatura Vets shut down due to unethical and cruel service!

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Myself along with many other tatura residents have been unjustly treated by the tatura vetinary clinic. The latest incident has just occurred where my cat was stolen from my property and handed to them to find owner which I found them first and contacted only to be told I'd have to wait until morning to collect him..I showed up anxious at opening time and they refused to give me MY cat and said they've sent him to the pound and that I never even contacted them..like what?? Extremely bad running of a business rite there! Previously I have put thousands of dollars through that clinic - 2 animals though I didn't have cash on the day so they refused to see them and I had to nurse them to death (snake bites) another animal I took in needed to be euthanized immediately and they told me I'd have to wait as there was 3 appointments ahead of me (1 was just a checkup that could have waited) they would not even let me see my own animal! I've had multiple people from tatura tell me very similar things have happened to them. This vetinary clinic is cruel, unethical and obviously are in the business for the paycheck not the actual welfare of the patients - what vet stands by watching an animal die because they haven't received cash? Animal cruelty at its worst :(