Stop RSPCA closure of 3 centres and a hospital

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Stop RSPCA closure of 3 centres and a hospital

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Started by Laura Stokes

Sadly, the RSPCA are proceeding with the decision to close the centres, see most recent update for a link to their announcement about it. I would urge people to continue to contact Chris Sherwood about how disappointed we are in this decision. 


On 25th June the RSPCA announced proposals to close Putney Hospital, Southall cattery and clinic (which is linked to Putney), Lockwood Equine Centre and South Godstone Animal Centre. In addition this could have knock on impacts for RSPCA Wimbledon Wandsworth and Sutton branch, which is a separate charity and uses premises at Putney.

These proposals are part of a restructure under their 10 year plan.

These local services are fundamental to supporting animals locally. All of these sites play a huge role in supporting animals locally and are supported by a range of people locally. Shutting these will cause an unprecedented demand on other local centres. Did you know RSPCA Southall Cattery rehomed around 500 cats in the last year? Many of these had medical needs and operations supported by Putney. Losing these facilities would be catastrophic to the ability of the RSPCA, and other local animal charities, to rehome and support these animals.

People will also lose access to the services provided to the community, such as reduced fee neutering and spaying and reduced vetinary fees provided at some of these sites.

RSPCA's plans here:

Donate directly to some of the branches impacted,  gofundme pages have been set up:

Putney Animal Hospital & Southall Cattery & Clinic:  

South Godstone Animal Centre:

I am not aware of one for Lockwood Equine Centre but I'm sure you can contact them directly to donate.


 Did you know...

  • Southall Cattery rehome around 500 cats a year?
  • Putney Animal Hospital saw 13,500 patients and treated 7500 strays in 2019 ALONE!
  • Southall Cattery has treated 12,811 patients and performed 2034 neuters SINCE 2017! 
  • South Godstone specialises in rehabilitating and rehoming nervous and problem behaviour dogs. Dogs that may otherwise not have got a second chance!
  • Lockwood Equine Centre works specifically with Horses and Donkeys who have faced terrible neglect and abuse and offers them a second chance at a happy home!
  • Putney Animal Hospital and Southall Cattery Clinic helps members of the public who are in receipt of Benefits and would otherwise struggle to afford Veterinary Care for their pets. They provide extensive forms of treatment for 25% of the original cost. If this Hospital closes, 100's of their clients may have nowhere else to turn.
  • In 2016 South Godstone rehomed 582 animals

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This petition had 17,346 supporters

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