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Stop Lizzie Scarrott from breeding and selling sick kittens

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Stop rogue breeder Lizzie Scarrott, from Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham. Gloucester.

- Most of you have heard of Lizzie Scarrott from the BBC show Watchdog and the kitten she sold to two undercover reporters. Lizzie said in her own words that the kitten Ambrusious was well but sneezing was his calling card. In no way should a kitten be sneezing like he was.

- Poor Ambrusious passed away due to suspected FIP and Lizzie was told to stop breeding for 6months to clear her house of the coronavirus but she has ignored what professionals have tried to tell her. She has a deadly infection inside her cats and home which is not going away.  Two of Ambrusious litter mates also died, one of which completely disappeared and the other died due to malnutrition and diarrhoea.

- Lizzie claimed to be GCCF registered which is a lie. She also claimed to be RSPCA registered which again is a lie. 

- She is selling theses kittens under 8 weeks when they are not ready to leave mum. They still have their blue eyes!! It’s now illegal to sell kittens under 8 weeks.

- 10 or more kittens have known to have now died coming from Lizzie’s home and it’s time pet owners were heard and to have this woman stopped.

- Lizzie Scarrott is a rogue pet peddler and back yard breeder selling sick kittens from £400- 750 claiming they’re pedigree when their not, but the most upsetting part is the kittens that are suffering and the pet owners that are left devastated by this awful Pet Peddler.

- This Lizzie finds it amusing when people tell her that her kitten she sold has now passed away and plasters it all over Facebook attacking the pet owners.

- Its reported that Lizzie brings in kittens to sell from other sources, acting as the breeder. She advertises under many aliases and changes breeds of the kittens at her will to attract more unsuspecting buyers. This is also now illegal under Lucy Law. 

- It’s high time Lizzie Scarrott faced up to what she’s doing to kittens in her care and unsuspecting pet owners instead of blaming everyone else.

- We’re calling for the RSPCA to step in and prosecute Lizzie as Kittens are suffering. Also calling for licensing enforcement team of her council to revoke her pet shop license and prosecute her for Selling Sick Animals.

- Sadly another kitten has passed away today that was bought from Lizzie Scarrott. Together we can help these babies and owners get justice and have this GREEDER stopped once and for all.

Stop rogue breeder Lizzie Scarrott


Below is about little Mabel bought from Lizzie Scarrott or the fake alias she uses BECKY

Mabel was bought from a lady called Becky(alias) who seemed like a lovely lady and Mabel seemed ok at first. Soon after getting Mabel home she seemed to settle in well but within a few hours she became lethargic, been sick and diarrhoea and we put that down to just coming to a new home how were we wrong. Mabel got worse so we took her to the emergency vets to get her seen. We sent this Becky a message to ask if Mabel had been like this before and we got a call from this Becky ranting and raving down the phone at us. Telling us how dare we take Mabel to the vets and that she wanted her back. The seemingly lovely lady we had met a few hours before had turned into a vile, nasty person over the phone. Why?! The phone call seemed very strange so I googled her address and sure it came up with LIZZIE SCARROTT’S but trading under the name Becky. This girl goes by so many different names and why is that?!

The vet told us Mabel has a bad virus and needed antibiotics, fluids and medicine to protect her tummy while she fights whatever it is she has. During Mabel’s treatment we were told Mabel wasn’t 9weeks of age but around 4-5weeks old and the sneezing was down to having contracted cat flu at some point in her short life. Mabel is from the same litter as Lily that has sadly passed away now from the same illness Mabel has. After the barrage of abusive messages from Lizzie over WhatsApp we decided to block her as she won’t take anything we say onboard and just passes Blame everywhere but at her own door. Mabel is our baby and we want to get her well. So far it’s been £800 on vet fees but Mabel is getting there day by day(we hope). This lady goes by different aliases to trade and turns very nasty when you seek her help for a poorly kitten she’s sold. She may love her adult cats but the kittens are suffering and all for money. That’s not love in my eyes and she needs to be stopped.
Keep our Mabel in your thoughts and positive vibes her way.